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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There is a participation fee of only 15 Euros for 3 days including breakfast, equipment, kinolab, accomodation, workshops, cinema entrance and parties. You will pay it when you arrive and receive a badge with your name. If you want to offer any workshop, please write to us and you get free entrance and transportation costs.


How long should I stay?

You can either participate in both sessions (4.-10.) or one (4.-6./8.-10. including the workshop day on 7.). We advice you to come to the introduction meeting on 3rd at 20:00 and to the screenings on 6th and 10th.


Do I need to have a finished script ready before the KinoKabaret in April?

No, in the contrary: It’s ok, and many people try to shoot something they prepared beforehand, but it’s often hard and frustrating to shoot a story strictly from script in 3 days. In our experience it’s easiest just to improvise everything from scratch, because once you’ll get to know all the actors and see the location for the first time the story will come all by itself, we promise.


Do I need to bring my own team?

Not necessarily. There will be many filmmakers around, so you’re sure to find some cool people to join your project. Of course you’re free to bring your own team if you want to, they have to register like anyone else, and are free to join other projects as well.


Can I edit at home?

We strongly encourage you to bring your computer to the KinoLab and work there, because it’s the best way to share experiences, get last minute feedback, get help with sound-design and also the only way to guarantee that your film will be ready in time for the screening.


Can I win an award?

No, sorry, no awards, no competition. Just awesome people and many sleepless nights.


Can I come join you?

Yes! Please just fill in the registration form in time and arrange your arrival. We’re limited to 50 participants, so register as soon as possible.


Should I be worried about bringing my laptop and camera?

Please bring you own equipment and if possible share it with others. We will have an equipment rental but limited amount. You can lock your equipment at the Lab. But be aware that we cannot take responsibility if your gear gets stolen. You should have a valid travel insurance that covers your own equipment.


Where can I find accomodation?

We will arrange as many accomotions through private hosts as possible, so international guests will be hosted by participants from Linz. Additionally there is space for some guests in KAPU.


Do the films have to be in German/English?

The films can be in any language you want, as long as you provide English subtitles.


Is there anything I can do to help you?

YES!! Please spread the word, invite sound designer, cinematographers, actors you know, tweet about us and share our event and page on Facebook. <3


Can I participate for only one day?

The short answer is: no. The KinoKabaret is based on cooperation, and you’ll find nice people you can work together with, wether you’re directing, acting, making the music or just lugging the cables around. It’s about getting to know other filmmakers and having a crazy awesome time together. But if you really really wanna join and for some important reason will miss one day, don't worry, we'll find a way. If you have some courses to attend it's no problem. It's up to you and your project, how much time you will need to spend on it.


If you have more questions please write us at or on


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