Thank you for participating!

It was a wonderfull week, 57 participants made over 40 short movies withing one week. Here you can check out the movies. See you next time!

KINOPHILIA is a network for filmophiles from Linz and for guests from outside, who want to have fun at kinokabarets and realize movies without budget within 60 hours. KINOPHILIA is part of the international kino movement.


1st Kinokabaret Linz

Hello Cinephiles, Kinoits, Filmmakers!

We proudly invite you to the first Kinokabaret in Linz: KINOPHILIA, April 15th to 23rd in the KinoLab Raumschiff, directly on Hauptplatz Linz, Austria!

A warm welcome to all prefessional and non professional actors, actresses, camera operators, sound artists, screenwriters, cutters, musicians and every other person with ideas and the wish to produce short movies in the network of the kino-movement! Are you ready for this lovely crazy come-together? Film for fun, experiment, learn - no competition.

We have equipment, a TV studio, bio food, workshops in acting, contact impro and experimental movie and a lovely international team. Art university & theatre university students can't wait to discover the kino spirit.


Watch the movies at their premieres on April 18th and 22nd, at Moviemento Cinema.
Right after the Kabaret CROSSING EUROPE Festival is starting, if you need accreditation please register before March 30th.


Registrations are helping the organisation team in their preparations and international guests in their accomodation.
Here you go to the registry: Link

Lots of Love from the KINOPHILIA Team,
Eva, Sophie, Flo, Ashkan, Parisa, Djemie, Rooya, Viny, Clemens, Viktor, Tanja, Hamid

Useful information

1st international Kinokabaret Linz 2015

15. - 23. April 2015


meet and greet: April 15th from 18:00

1st session: April 16th 10:00 to 18th 24:00

2nd session: April 19th 18:00 to 22nd 24:00

supporting program:

+ jazz band at opening on 15th

+ saturday night party

+ end brunch with electrojam at raumschiff

+ impro theatre workshop by Anna Ach

+ experimental film workshop by sop&eva

+ voice training workshop by Vero

+ contact improvisation workshop by kathi

+ TV Studio by dorfTV

+ private accomodation and at Werkstatt

+ equipment by Kunstuni

+ streaming of the movies on dorfTV

+ screening of the movies in Moviemento

+ each day free breakfast at Raumschiff

+ a free Leberkas from Leberkaspeppi

+ Crossing Europe Film Festival afterwards



+ KinoLab: Raumschiff, Hauptplatz 5, Linz

+ Kino: Moviemento, OK Platz 1, Linz

+ Studio: dorfTV, Hauptplatz 5, Linz

+ Party & Workshops: Werkstatt am Hauptplatz, Hauptplatz 4



+ 15,- fee/session all inclusive

+ free for workshop leaders

+ register yourself as soon as possible at (max. 50 pers.)

KinoLab: RAUMSCHIFF, Hauptplatz 5, Linz
KinoLab: RAUMSCHIFF, Hauptplatz 5, Linz

What is Kino?

Making movies with the philosophy: Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it NOW!


Kino Kabaret means to realize films without any bugdet within 3 days. The idea was born in Montréal in 1999. Since then this format spreads around the world in lots of different cities, building a creative network of filmophile people coming from all origins and directions.


Impressions of the kabaret in Hamburg


You can see here, what can be created on events like these, e.g. Berlin